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2017 Year End Tax Planning Guide

8 June 2017
We believe part of our client brief is to assist you in minimising your tax liability within the framework of the Australian taxation system.
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A transition-to-retirement-pension may no longer be the answer

6 June 2017
From 1 July 2017, if you are under the age of 65, you will need to ensure you know the new rules regarding TRIP.
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Simpler BAS

5 June 2017
If you’re a small business, BAS’s are about to get a whole lot easier.
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Our year in review!

19 December 2016
2016 has been a very busy year for all of us at Hendersons Accountants, so to say Merry Christmas and a Very Happy and Safe New Year we would like to share our year with you!
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9 December 2016
Felicity has had over 20 years experience dealing with all aspects of Accounts and Office Management, working with varied industries.
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Christmas spending and how not to get into trouble!

1 December 2016
Handy tips to manage Christmas spending
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Helpful links from the ATO

1 November 2016
Links to information about Goods taken from stock for private use, Keeping track of deductions made easy, Building a better payment experience and Overdue taxable payments annual reports – Building & Constructions Industry.
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Our renovations!

1 October 2016
Please have a look at our before, during and after photos of our renovations.
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New years' resolutions – 5 steps to see them through.

1 January 2016
While everyone intends to achieve their resolutions, only 8 per cent of people are actually successful in achieving them.
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Start a new business?

17 December 2015
The ATO has provided a basic video that gives a brief overview of tax and super obligations which may arise when starting and running a small business.
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MyGov changes

10 December 2015
If you have set up a myGov account and linked it to the ATO, and were previously receiving activity statements or instalment notices by paper, the ATO will no longer send paper copies to you (or us).
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Property development - residential

14 November 2015
If you are one of many Australians who have chosen to subdivide your property, there is important information you need to know.
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SuperStream is Coming – You’d Better Get Ready

14 September 2015
October 31 is the deadline for all employers with 20 or more employees to implement the new SuperStream electronic payment method for all superannuation obligations.
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Income Protection Video

10 September 2015
Most people insure their car, but forget to insure their most important asset – an ability to earn an income. What is Income Protection and how can it help you?
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Free business planning tablet apps available on Android™ and iPad

7 September 2015
Australian business owners can develop business, marketing and emergency plans using a suite of free tablet apps developed by the team at
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Marketing Plan Video

7 September 2015
Watch this video to find out how having a marketing plan and strategy helped Edwin become an ice-creamillionaire!
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Business Planning Video

7 September 2015
Watch the business planning video for a humorous, fictional take on how having a business plan (and a grandma) help Albert become a lemonade magnate.
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Investment Property Owners Beware: Key issues for property investors

3 September 2015
There has been a lot of negative conversation about negative gearing lately.  But, if you are currently negative gearing your investment property, should you be concerned?
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Top 10 Bad Business Handshakes

27 May 2015
The team at has developed a humorous video countdown of the Top 10 Bad Business Handshakes.
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ATO Provides Advice On Taxi Travel Services Through Ride-sourcing

27 May 2015
The ATO has released advice on the tax consequences of a range of collaborative consumption activities, including taxi travel through ride-sourcing (also known as ride-sharing or ride-hailing), provided as part of the ‘sharing economy’.
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10 Essential Steps For Setting Up A Business

25 May 2015
While it can be exciting, there are several important ingredients to successfully setting up a business.
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Guide To Successful Business Borrowing

22 May 2015
In this current economic climate, many small businesses have seen a change in their ability to borrow funds from their bank.
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Budget 2015 - “Have A Go!”

21 May 2015

The budget handed down by the Federal Government has resonated way more positively with voters than the last one they tried to sell.

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Business Resolutions For 2015

19 January 2015

The beginning of the year is always a great opportunity for businesses to take a step back and think about what they can do to improve on previous years.

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12 Ways at Christmas to Enhance Your Business!

1 December 2014
The first way at Christmas to really enhance your business is to recognise your team for all their efforts during the year.
The second way at Christmas to really enhance your business is to acknowledge your customers for supporting you throughout the year.
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Beware of Property Spruikers!

3 September 2014
A recent article written by Noel Whittaker in the "On the Road" magazine grabbed our attention and we wanted to share it with you.


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What is Cloud Accounting Anyway?

3 September 2014
For some time now, we've been monitoring the world of technology with specific interest in cloud technology and more specifically cloud accounting (obviously!). As a result, we've decided to introduce Xero accounting software for those clients that are keen to explore the possibilities that the cloud may represent for their businesses.
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New Member Joins the Team!

1 September 2014
We are really pleased to welcome a new member of our team, Felicity Allen, who is joining us as a bookkeeper and Xero software expert.
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Protect your Identity!

16 June 2014
The Australian Taxation Office has created a short video on identity crime. Check it out here!
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2014 Year End Tax Planning Guide

16 June 2014
The end of the financial year is approaching. As you know, legitimate tax minimisation for the year can often be achieved by taking certain action prior to 30 June.
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Build your fortune with this simple money secret

19 March 2014
Have you ever wondered how long it'll take to double the value of an investment or the value of your home? Have you ever pondered how long it would take to double $100 in a standard savings account at a rate of 2.0% interest per annum? Well, a simple rule called the rule of 72 is an easy way to get a grasp on the answers. Here's how it works:-
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Quick and Easy Insurance - Too good to be true?

7 March 2014
You will have noticed a lot of advertisements on television of late spruiking insurance cover with no health checks or questions asked for really low premiums. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Well, beware!
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Will you have enough to retire?

3 March 2014
An article appeared in the Gold Coast Bulletin recently making the alarming point that a quarter of Australia's "baby boomer" generation may need to work into their 80's because they won't be able to afford retirement.
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Recent Events

13 November 2013
Hendersons Accountants hosted an exclusive event on Wednesday 13th November 2013.
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Thrive over the Holidays

22 December 2013
To survive the holidays and make the most of it, remember that just because the world around us slows down, it doesn't mean we have to.
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