MyGov changes

MyGov is a fast, simple way to access government services online. A secure myGov account lets you link a range of Australian Government services with one username and password, all in one place.

If you have set up a myGov account and linked it to the ATO, and were previously receiving activity statements or instalment notices by paper, the ATO will no longer send paper copies to you (or us). You will now receive these electronically, through a notification in your myGov inbox. You must ensure you keep your email address up to date with the ATO.

If you have signed up to the MyGov account with the ATO then they will no longer send correspondence to your tax agent, (even if they have our address recorded as your postal address) they will send it to you via your online account (so you need to keep checking your inbox). 

For example, tax assessments may bypass us, even though they are lodged under our tax agent number!

There is currently a lot of discussion in the accounting world about this issue (and the ATO’s approach in general with this technology). However, until this is corrected or changed we must work around this. Our office has procedures in place to monitor the receipt of tax assessments etc via myGov, however, this is not ideal and proves time consuming.

If you would prefer that the ATO sends correspondence to us rather than myGov, you may unlink your myGov account from the ATO.

  • Log in to myGov (using username and password)

  • Click on ‘Services’

  • Click on ‘Unlink’ button (in red)

Alternatively, you may delete your myGov account entirely, however it is increasingly used for other  government services, such as Centrelink, so this may not be practical to do so.